May 2013

Version 1.0 Webinar Recording Available


On Wednesday, May 29, the Avalon team hosted a community webinar. With around 50 participants and no technical difficulties, we consider it a smashing success! Thanks to all who joined us. 


If you missed the webinar, you can now watch the complete recording or view our slides.  


Sprint 26 - May 17 Demo Recording


After releasing Avalon 1.0, the team spent some time cleaning up our code and investigating some future changes to Avalon, including looking at alternative player options and other ways to handle group management. If you have any feedback about what functionality you want to see in future releases, please join us at next week's webinar!


Upcoming Avalon Webinar - May 29, 2013


We're looking forward to talking with the Avalon community about our recent 1.0 release--and we hope you'll join us! This will be an ideal time to familiarize yourself with 1.0, ask questions, and provide feedback to the team. We will record the webinar for later viewing by those unable to join us.


To receive connection information for the webinar, please fill out our registration form:

Collection Manager's Guide


Throughout the process of working toward release 1.0, developing effective documentation was just as important to the team as developing effective code. The Collection Manager's Guide describes features, functionality, and how to navigate the Avalon Media System.


Get to Know the Avalon Team: Chris Colvard


In our new series "Get to Know the Avalon Team," we're providing a closer look at the individuals who are working each day to develop the Avalon Media System.


Chris Colvard


Announcing Release 1.0


Release 1.0 of the Avalon Media System is now available for evaluation and pilot. The release includes the following features:


Sprint 25 - May 3, 2013 Demo Recording


This week the team refined the various methods to download or try out Avalon Media System and cleaned up the documentation. We have our demo server up and running with Avalon and enough content to make it interesting!  


Click here to watch the full recording of this week's demo.