July 2013

Understanding Avalon Roles and Permissions


The second release of Avalon will have collections-based roles and permissions. This post describes what we've designed in hopes of getting your comments. Does this make sense? Is it easy to see how you would map these to your organization?

Units, Collections and Items


First, some definitions.


A unit is a grouping of collections. Usually, a unit will map to an administrative unit.



Sprint 29 - June 29, 2013


This week, the Avalon team spent a lot of time thinking about how to create collections without calling them collections! The team was able to almost complete backend modeling and testing; user interface will be the focus for the next sprint. Work was also completed on the crosswalk from the MODS fields that will be included in Avalon to MARC.  


We have a few team members up in Canada for Open Repositories 2013, so if you have any questions or want a quick demo just look for Jon Dunn, Claire Stewart or Adam Hallett!