Development Updates

Avalon 7.4 Now Available

Avalon 7.4 provides significant updates to keep current with supported releases of core libraries and a small set of additional changes and bug fixes. For the code, see the Github release page.

Avalon 7.3 Now Available

Avalon 7.3 includes support for uploading files from Google Drive, a new component that allows users to view and download transcripts on the item page, and a variety of dependency updates and bug fixes. The release is available on Github at

Avalon 7.2.1 Now Available

Avalon 7.2.1 provides a small set of dependency upgrades, including an update to resolve the MimeMagic library issue in Rails.

For the code and more details, please see the release page on Github.

Avalon 7.2 Now Available

Avalon 7.2 includes support for supplemental files, an improved authentication flow for restricted content, and the ability to merge items, as well as variety of bug fixes and updates for supporting libraries and components. See more and download at the Github release page.

Avalon 7.1.1 Now Available

Avalon 7.1.1 includes a number of smaller updates and bug fixes.

Avalon 7.1 Now Available

Avalon 7.1 includes default styling improvements, a variety of bug fixes, and updates for supporting libraries and components.

Avalon 7.0 Now Available

The Avalon team is proud to announce the release of Avalon 7.0. Avalon 7 is a major release with changes relevant to end users, collection managers and system administrators.


Check out our GitHub for the release!

Introducing Persona, a Samvera User Management Add-on

Avalon Media System and Notch8 are proud to announce Persona, a user-management add-on for Samvera-based repositories.

Avalon 6.5.0 Now Available




Avalon Partnership Update

Community colleagues,