Avalon 7.5 Now Available

Avalon 7.5

The Avalon team is proud to announce Avalon Media System 7.5. This release includes a Controlled Digital Lending feature and a variety of updates and bug fixes.

Controlled Digital Lending

  • When enabled, authenticated users must borrow an item to stream media streams
  • Items can only be checked out to a single user at a time
  • A new Checkouts page presents a table of a user's current checkouts
  • Lending periods are configurable per item and via collection defaults
  • CDL functionality can be enabled or disabled for each collection

Updates and Fixes

  • Greatly improved performance for item view pages
  • Video support in the Timeliner
  • Unicode support for filenames
  • Updated version of MediaElement.js player
  • Fixes for login page redirect errors
  • Fix for date sorting in tabular displays
  • Fix for dynamic fields in resource description form
  • Updated CORS configuration for cross-domain requests
  • Better handling for common application errors
  • Bugfix for caption rendering in a specific case
  • LDAP group-based permissions work with API requests

Upgrade instructions are available in the Avalon documentation.


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