Avalon Features - Latest Release

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Release 7: January 2020

Avalon 7 is a major release with changes relevant to end users, collection managers and system administrators. In addition, this release of Avalon coincides with the release of Avalon Turnkeya fully configured, containerized version of Avalon built for Amazon Web Services.
Avalon 7 includes:
  • Collections Index and Landing Pages
    • The Collections Index provides a new way to navigate collections and units within Avalon. Each collection also now has a customizable landing page where users can find the collection description, thumbnail and a short listing of content.
  • Local User Management
    • Avalon can now use the Persona gem for a local authentication strategy, allowing for completely local user management through a convenient dashboard.
  • Transcoding Changes
    • Avalon’s transcoding services have been folded into the application, allowing for the retirement of Matterhorn as a dependency and bringing a new transcoding dashboard directly into the application.
  • Redesigned Homepage
    • A newly designed default homepage allows for easy customization of featured collections.
  • Full release notes are available in our documentation wiki and on Github.
  • Simple and cost-effective deployment to AWS using Terraform
  • Optimized for growing collections with limited traffic 
  • Fast transcoding using cloud-native tools (ElasticTranscoder)
  • A straight-forward production-ready environment that relies on AWS native technology or containers for all dependencies (Fedora, Solr, Postgres, Transcoding) 
  • Can be extended for specialized or fault-tolerant use cases