Avalon Team


Jon Cameron

Product Owner

As Avalon’s Product Owner, Jon works with the developers to represent the needs of Avalon users. As Digital Media Service Manager for the Indiana University Libraries, he's the public face of IU’s multiple instances of the Avalon Media System, providing training, documentation and guidance for a growing user base of collection holders. He also works in various capacities on IU’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative.

Chris Colvard

DevOps Engineer

Jon Dunn

Co-Project Director, Indiana University

Jon is responsible for overall project direction and management, as well as coordinating the involvement of the project’s partners and advisors. He works at Indiana University Bloomington as Assistant Dean for Library Technologies, where he oversees information technology development and operations for the IU Bloomington Libraries. Jon has worked at IU since 1994 and has been involved with a number of music, audio, and video related digital library efforts, including development of the open source Variations digital music library system, and he is a member of the planning team for IU's Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative. He is also a member of the Open Repositories Steering Committee and Fedora Leadership Group, and he co-chairs the International Image Interoperability Initiative (IIIF) A/V Community Group.

Julie Hardesty

Metadata Specialist

Julie helps develop descriptive, structural, and technical metadata standards for the Avalon Media System.  She is the Metadata Analyst/Librarian for the Digital Library Program at Indiana University where she manages metadata creation and use for digital library services and projects.

Maria Whitaker

Head, Digital Media Software Development for IU Libraries; Scrum Master

Maria manages the IU Avalon development team and acts as the Avalon Scrum Master. Before joining the Avalon team, her career in software development encompassed systems for research and business administration, including collaboration with other universities in the Kuali open source space. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Computer Science from Indiana University and has been with IU since 2005.

Dananji Withana

Developer, Indiana University





Former Team Members:

Adam Arling

Developer, Northwestern University

Stu Baker

Co-Project Director, Northwestern University

Carolyn Caizzi

Co-Project Director, Northwestern University

Debs Cane

Repository Community Manager, Northwestern University

Steve DiDomenico

SME/Consultant, Northwestern University

Phuong Dinh

DevOps Engineer

Stefan Elnabli

Audiovisual Media Specialist, Northwestern University

Ying Feng

Senior Programmer/ Analyst, Indiana University

Kevin Flick

Project Assistant, Indiana University

Adam Hallett

Programmer/Analyst, Northwestern University

Michael Johnson

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Northwestern University


Brian Keese

Developer, Indiana University

Michael B. Klein

Lead Developer, Northwestern University

Leah Lee

Programmer/Analyst, Indiana University

Brianna Marshall

Project Assistant, Indiana University

Karen Miller

Metadata Specialist, Northwestern University

Mark Notess

Product Owner, Indiana University

Cynthia Ramlo

Lead User Experience Designer, Indiana University

Carrick Rogers 

Senior Developer, Northwestern University

Nathan Rogers

Programmer/Analyst, Indiana University

Ariadne Rehbein

Project Assistant, Indiana University

Julie Rudder

Product Owner, Northwestern University

David Schober

Digital Initatives Project Manager; Product Owner for Avalon, Northwestern University

Shelby Silvernell

QA Tester, Northwestern University

Ryan Steans

Project/Community Manager for Avalon, Northwestern University

Claire Stewart

Co-Project Director, Northwestern University

Chris Syversen

Programmer, Northwestern University

Evviva Weinraub

Project Director, Northwestern University

Jennifer Young

Metadata Specialist, Northwestern University

Andrea Zielke

Project Assistant, Northwestern University