Development Updates

Avalon 7 Development: Call for Community Participation!

In Spring 2018, The Avalon Team will begin work on Avalon 7.  As we move down this pathway, we want to invite you to join us, and help build a better Avalon!


Avalon 6.3 Now Available

  • The Avalon Media System 

Avalon Media System 6.2

Indiana University and Northwestern University are pleased to announce Avalon 6.2 The newest version of Avalon includes a substantial number of improvements to the playlist feature, various bug fixes, and a preview of the MediaElement4 player. 

 A few of the playlist improvements include:

Demo for Sprint #134

Avalon's most recent demo video for Sprint #134 is now ready. The video demonstrates the following features:

Demo for Sprint #133

Playlists in the Avalon Media System continue to receive improvements, as seen in the latest demo video for Sprint #133. This video highlights the following features:

Demo for Sprint 132

The demo video for Sprint 132 is now ready for viewing, and demonstrates the following improvements:

Demo for Sprint 131

Avalon Sprint Demo 131 is now ready.


The demo video showcases organizational improvements to Avalon's playlist feature, including:

Avalon Media System 6.1

Northwestern University and Indiana University are pleased to announce the release of Avalon Media System 6.1. This update to Avalon 6 includes a full migration path from Avalon 5 to Avalon 6, the ability to control Avalon’s embedded content player via JavaScript, and a variety of bug fixes.
Highlights include:

Demo for Sprint 127

Avalon demo for sprint 127 is now ready for viewing.


The following features are highlighted in this Avalon demo:

Demo for Sprint 126

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 126 is now available for viewing.


The following features are shown in our latest public demo video: