July 2016

Sprint 104: Markers, Variations Migration Tool, AWS mapping

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 104 is now available for viewing.



104 focused on:

Announcing Bug Fix Release 5.0.1

Announcing Avalon 5.0.1


Release 5.0.1 is a bug fix release. The following issues were resolved:

•  Inconsistencies in Avalon’s media player on some mobile device browsers

•  Captions intermittently failed to appear on the media player when enabled

•  Users would occasionally encounter error screens when searching


Sprint 103: Markers for Playlists

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 103 is now available.


103 focused on:

·     Packaging bug release 5.0.1

·     Adding new play list features for 5.1, of note is our markers feature

·     Fedora 4 research for Avalon 6.0 release.


103’s demo is our new marker feature:

·     Markers allow users to add descriptions of moments in time to music tracks and videos within a playlist.