Announcing Avalon 5.1




Release 5.1 is a feature improvements release.

  • Markers (labeled time offsets) available in Playlist items for annotation and navigation
  • Tools for institutions moving from Variations to Avalon  

     *Self-service import of Variations playlist files into Avalon playlist

     *Migration tools for system administrators to import user bookmarks in Variations to Avalon

  • Minor bug fixes

     *Apostrophes in media object titles causing load failures

     *Various smart phone page display tweaks

     *Improved error handling for uploading


Users of Avalon 5.0.1 and previous releases can take advantage of these new features by Upgrading to Avalon 5.1.

For more details on each of these new features, visit: What’s New in Avalon 5 wiki page or our github.    

Please feel free to try Avalon 5.1 on our public test server before installation.
     *Installation options include virtual machine image, manual installation, and puppet upgrade. 

More information on all available options can be found on the Avalon web site’s download page:

We welcome your feedback on Avalon 5.1 via the avalon-discuss-l discussion list.   Join the discussion list at