December 2014

Sprint 64 – December 12, 2014

This was a four-week sprint due to the Thanksgiving holidays. In addition to fixing many bugs in preparation for the 3.2 release, we also added support for bulk change of access control settings. Beyond those activities, the majority of the work went into troubleshooting the 3.2 upgrade process.


The 3.2 release is imminently expected toward the beginning of our next sprint, which will also be four weeks in length. Look for a 3.2 announcement shortly!


Sprint 63 – November 14, 2014

During this sprint we added additional fields to our resource description form based on feedback from our users and we hope they are useful to you as well. These fields include:

  • Language
  • Original Physical Description
  • Related Item
  • Terms of Use


Evaluation evolution

Tricia Patterson, the National Digital Stewardship Resident at MIT Libraries is helping evaluate Avalon for MIT's Lewis Music Library. Learn about the team's process and the requirements they have established for media management systems.



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