Sprint 63 – November 14, 2014

During this sprint we added additional fields to our resource description form based on feedback from our users and we hope they are useful to you as well. These fields include:

  • Language
  • Original Physical Description
  • Related Item
  • Terms of Use


We also began working on two new features - importing multiple pre-transcoded derivatives and importing metadata from an ILS.  Though we got a good start on that work, we decided to refocus our efforts toward getting release 3.2 out the door. So you can look for those two features in next the next release, 3.2.1. 


We worked on quite a few bugs which were mostly related to indexing and sorting on certain fields. Next sprint we will focus on testing and fixing bugs in anticipation for our upcoming release.


For this sprint demo, the we experienced recording issues, so we aren't posting a video. However, if you'd like to see any of the functionality, please contact us. Learn the details of each story below:

  • VOV-3005 – I want to build a process for migrating my content to different bitrates
  • VOV-2949 – I want to ingest pre-transcoded derivatives with multiple quality levels via batch
  • VOV-2759 – I want to see and connect to basic info about the item I'm viewing
  • VOV-3130 – I want to know how to map MARC fields to the current (as of VOV-2759) Avalon fields
  • VOV-3155 – I want scripts for manual testing of bulk change operations new in 3.2

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