Sprint 26 - May 17 Demo Recording


After releasing Avalon 1.0, the team spent some time cleaning up our code and investigating some future changes to Avalon, including looking at alternative player options and other ways to handle group management. If you have any feedback about what functionality you want to see in future releases, please join us at next week's webinar!


Click here to watch the full recording of this week's demo. 

  • Player Investigation (VoV 1543) - Phuong (0:00:00)
  • Hydra Group Management Investigation (VoV 1577) - Chris (0:10:32)
  • Future Releases and Bug Fixes Path (VoV 1446) - Michael (0:19:23)
  • Rails Best Practices (VoV 1549) - Chris/Adam (0:32:07)
  • Review of Sprint Stories – Team led by Steve (0:35:26)

You can see the demos for past Sprints here or learn more about our development process here.

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