Announcing Release 1.0


Release 1.0 of the Avalon Media System is now available for evaluation and pilot. The release includes the following features:

  • Secure delivery of video and audio to desktop browsers and iOS (iPad/iPhone) devices.
  • Implementation as a Hydra application to provide easy search via the Blacklight discovery tool and integration with a Fedora repository.
  • Support for both Adobe Media Server and the Red5 open source media server for audio and video streaming.
  • Integration possibilities for a variety of authentication systems, along with permissions management by user- or group-based authorization.
  • Manual media ingest and description and a dropbox-based batch import capability.

There are several options for exploring release 1.0. You can try it out on our public test server. You can also download and install a preconfigured Avalon virtual machine image, perform a step-by-step installation, or find out how to download our source code from Github. 


If you plan to try out or download Avalon, please sign up for the new email list, avalon-discuss-l, to get technical support or provide feedback. If you are not yet signed up for our main announcement email list, please sign up for avalon-l.


We will be scheduling a webinar within the month to provide a 1.0 demo and give the community an opportunity to ask questions and offer ideas.



As you can see, the Avalon team is so excited to share release 1.0 that we donned crazy hats at our most recent face-to-face meeting!


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