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Avalon 7.4 Now Available

Avalon 7.4 provides significant updates to keep current with supported releases of core libraries and a small set of additional changes and bug fixes. For the code, see the Github release page.

Dependency Updates

  • Rails 6
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Blacklight 7

Updates and Fixes

  • Greatly improved performance for the Manage Users page
  • Removing a user in Manage Users now removes the user from all system groups automatically
  • Google Drive can now be used as a source alongside other filesystem options
  • Increased sanitization and sanitization options for filenames during post-processing
  • Remove Structure button now prompts for confirmation before removing structure data
  • Default user session length reduced

Upgrade instructions are available on the Avalon documentation site.

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Avalon 7.3 Now Available

Avalon 7.3 includes support for uploading files from Google Drive, a new component that allows users to view and download transcripts on the item page, and a variety of dependency updates and bug fixes. The release is available on Github at


  • Upload files directly from Google Drive
    • Google Drive can now be added a source for the Avalon Dropbox file picker
    • Update settings.yml with your Google OAuth 2.0 Client ID and secret to enable
  • Transcript file download and viewer
    • Transcript documents can now be added to item sections
    • A transcript component will render on the item when a transcript document is present
    • Upload in VTT or or DOCX format to view the transcript on the item page
    • Users can download transcript files and click VTT timestamps to seek in the viewer
  • Support for Google Tag Manager values for enhanced Analytics data


  • Ruby 2.7 support
  • Updated Docker build
  • Dependency updates
  • Better User Experience When Removing Captions
  • Better resizing for the Advanced XML editor

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for broken copy functionality on playlists
  • Fix for file handling when a collection folder is missing or misnamed


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Avalon is hiring a software engineering leader

Indiana University is looking for a skilled software engineering leader to manage the development team working on Avalon and other projects. For more information, or to apply, please see the job posting.

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Avalon is hiring!

Avalon is looking for a skilled developer to join our team as a Software Engineer, either to work onsite at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana or remotely. For more information, or to apply, please see the job posting.

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Avalon 7.2.1 Now Available

Avalon 7.2.1 provides a small set of dependency upgrades, including an update to resolve the MimeMagic library issue in Rails.

For the code and more details, please see the release page on Github.

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Avalon 7.2 Now Available

Avalon 7.2 includes support for supplemental files, an improved authentication flow for restricted content, and the ability to merge items, as well as variety of bug fixes and updates for supporting libraries and components. See more and download at the Github release page.


  • Intermediate Page When Accessing Restricted Content
  • Support for supplemental files
  • Supplemental files of any type can be attached
  • Supplemental files can be associated at the item or section level
  • Merge multiple items together and combine sections


  • Cron jobs now run through Sidekiq
  • Dependency updates
  • Structural Metadata Editor can be used when no audio data is present
  • Added stereo mixdown to encoding parameters for video
  • Added link to Sidekiq dashboard under the "Manage" menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for S3 transcoding
  • Fix API issues with collection names
  • Better aligned elements in the embedded media player

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Avalon is hiring!

Avalon is looking for a skilled developer to join our team as a Lead Software Engineer, either to work onsite at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana or remotely.

For more information, or to apply, please see the job posting.

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Avalon 7.1.1 Now Available

Avalon 7.1.1 includes a number of smaller updates and bug fixes.


  • Email and website contact fields added for collections
  • Added probe service for IIIF
  • IIIF authorization added to manifests
  • Dependency upgrades; Rails updated to
  • Structural metadata editor updates
    • Play/pause using the spacebar
    • Finer precision available for time values
    • Bug fix for parent suggestions when adding a new timespan
    • Fix for save structure flash message remaining indefinitely
    • Disable drag and drop during inline editing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with quality selection and volume levels being reset between sections
  • Fixed autoplay functionality for Playlists
  • Zero-width space characters stripped from form input
  • Derivative files are deleted when masterfiles are deleted
  • The "Become" feature in user management respects LDAP group membership
  • Fixed a bug with the replay feature of batch ingest

Check out Avalon 7.1.1 on Github.

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Avalon 7.1 Now Available

Avalon 7.1 includes default styling improvements, a variety of bug fixes, and updates for supporting libraries and components.


API Updates

  • API keys now respect the permissions of the user associated with a key. Manager-level users, for example, can now use the API to get the full range of data for items in collections they manage
  • Problematic string escaping in some JSON responses corrected

Styling and Visual Improvements

  • Styling improvements and fixes for cards, tables and buttons
  • Increased default resolutions for thumbnail and poster images

Other Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where collection managers could not delete collections
  • Encode settings have been changed to avoid unnecessary frame rate conformance and provide compatibility with legacy streaming servers
  • Updated the Structural Metadata Editor in Avalon with fixes and dependency upgrades
  • Resolved bugs with email setting for SMTP and AWS
  • Playback issues resolved in legacy browsers
  • Intercom improvements and fixes
  • Remove ImageMagick dependency


Check out our GitHub for the release!


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Avalon 7.0 Now Available

The Avalon team is proud to announce the release of Avalon 7.0. Avalon 7 is a major release with changes relevant to end users, collection managers and system administrators.


Check out our GitHub for the release!


Collections Index and Collection Landing Pages

Avalon 7 provides two new ways to explore and display collections: the collections index, a listing that shows each collection accessible to a user sorted alphabetically or by containing Unit, and collections landing pages, which provide a unique page for each collection where users can view a description, thumbnail and a preview of items within. Collection managers can now set thumbnails for collections as well as items.

Transcoding Pipeline

With this release of Avalon, the transition from Matterhorn to a self-managed transcoding process has been completed. Using the latest version of active-encode and the FFmpeg adapter, transcoding tasks are faster, leaner, and more flexible. A new transcoding dashboard also provides administrators a way to manage jobs directly within Avalon. While Matterhorn is no longer supported, full support is available for Amazon's Elastic Transcoder service.

New Homepage Design

Avalon's homepage has been redesigned. In addition to the visual change, Avalon allows for easy configuration of the featured collections now displayed on the homepage. The Avalon 6.x-style homepage can also still be used if desired.

Local User Management

A new authentication configuration is available through Persona. This module allows for administrators to quickly create user credentials without relying on an outside authentication system (LDAP, Shibboleth, etc.).


Updates and Other Changes


The performant, feature-rich, and better maintained Sidekiq replaces Resque as our default background job engine. This aligns Avalon with most Samvera applications, including Hyrax, which have already made this switch.


It is now possible to use a MinIO object store to avoid a shared storage requirement and decouple Avalon, Worker, and Streaming services from each other in alignment with 12 factor best practices.

Avalon API

The Avalon API has been updated to allow for access to resources based on system role. API keys issued to users now gate requests to permissions a user has within the system, rather than providing superuser rights for each issued key.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple styling issues on mobile browsers resolved
  • Structural Metadata Editor now properly handles certain timecode formats in existing structure
  • Caption files with empty terminating time ranges display properly when enabled


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