Product Features

Demo for Sprint 119

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 119 is now available for viewing.


Demos for Sprints 115 & 117



The Avalon team's demo for sprints 115 & 117 are now available for viewing.


115’s demo highlights:

“Second Scrubber”

·      Extra view on track (or segment) level metadata for an item in Avalon.

·      Corresponds in time and length in offset.

·      Key feature for Variations migration.


“Avalon Wipeout”

Avalon and Cultural Anthropology


Migrating from Variations to Avalon

One of the past projects that led to the development of Avalon is the Variations digital music library system. In fact, the original name of the Avalon project was “Variations on Video.” Variations was originally developed under a partnership between Indiana University and IBM in the mid-1990s and represented one of the first audio streaming services and first digital repositories of music content on the Internet when it went online in 1996.

Cloud-based Hosting Announcements

One of the major goals of the current phase of Avalon, supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is evolving Avalon to include a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) option in order to help grow the Avalon user base.


The Avalon team is excited to announce 3 recent steps made towards cloud-based, hosted solutions:


1)   The Avalon team has successfully completed a number of necessary upgrades towards cloud based services.


Announcing Avalon 5.1




Sprint 104: Markers, Variations Migration Tool, AWS mapping

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 104 is now available for viewing.



104 focused on:

Announcing Bug Fix Release 5.0.1

Announcing Avalon 5.0.1


Release 5.0.1 is a bug fix release. The following issues were resolved:

•  Inconsistencies in Avalon’s media player on some mobile device browsers

•  Captions intermittently failed to appear on the media player when enabled

•  Users would occasionally encounter error screens when searching


Sprint 103: Markers for Playlists

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 103 is now available.


103 focused on:

·     Packaging bug release 5.0.1

·     Adding new play list features for 5.1, of note is our markers feature

·     Fedora 4 research for Avalon 6.0 release.


103’s demo is our new marker feature:

·     Markers allow users to add descriptions of moments in time to music tracks and videos within a playlist.

Sprint 102

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 102 -- showing our new board, walking through our current design for a playlist marker and demonstrating RuboCop in our development branch -- is now available: