Demos for Sprints 115 & 117



The Avalon team's demo for sprints 115 & 117 are now available for viewing.


115’s demo highlights:

“Second Scrubber”

·      Extra view on track (or segment) level metadata for an item in Avalon.

·      Corresponds in time and length in offset.

·      Key feature for Variations migration.


“Avalon Wipeout”

·      Back-end tool for wiping out data on server side.

·      Not using active Fedora code to delete or destroy, going straight to Fedora and Solr and issuing delete commands directly including destroying all Fedora tombstones and PIDs that are deleted.

·      Goes to source, deletes everything quickly.



117’s demo – Enhancements/Bug Fixes for 5.1.5

·      Initial load is faster, switching between items is faster. (miliseconds)

·      Second scrubber user enhancements for cleaner navigation.


Watch here: 

Demo 115:

Demo 117:



To view all demos, here's our Avalon collection:


Please note we will have an upcoming 5.1.5 release coming soon and 6.0 is on the near horizon. 


Our waffle board, #Avalon slack chat on the HydraPartners channel and our renewed commitment to shareable sprint demos are all measures to bring community insight and inspiration to the Avalon code and design.