Demo for Sprint 119

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 119 is now available for viewing.


This demo highlights the interface for Avalon 6.0's migration tool. Viewable within the application, this tool allows system administrators to view detailed information about the migration in an easy to read, hyperlinked table. Information displayed includes IDs for Fedora records and database items, successes and failure across object classes, and detailed information about items which have failed to migrate properly.


Watch here: 

Demo 119: 


To view all demos, here's our Avalon collection:


Please note we will have an upcoming 5.1.5 release coming soon and 6.0 is on the near horizon. 


Our waffle board#Avalon slack chat on the HydraPartners channel and our renewed commitment to shareable sprint demos are all measures to bring community insight and inspiration to the Avalon code and design.