Sprints 68-70 update

During sprints 68 and 69 we put the final touches on release 3.3. That work included testing and fixing bugs, writing release documentation and upgrading our local systems. We also had an in-person team meeting during sprint 69 where we started on some major system work including updating our Blacklight and Hydra versions.
In sprint 70 we continued our work on Hydra 8 and upgrading to the newest Blacklight. The team also started investigating what it would take to make Avalon work with Fedora 4. We also started work on two new features, structural metadata and a transcoding API. During this sprint, we made progress on designing these features as well as implementing the ability to navigate to a specific time offset via URL. 
Release 4 will include the ability to add structural metadata to media items via the batch process. This will allow viewers to more easily navigate to specific segments within media, for example a specific track on a CD. Another major feature in Release 4 will be a transcoding API. This API will allow Avalon to use additional transcoding services in addition to the current Matterhorn option. 
The specific stories we accomplished during these sprints were:
I want to configure MARC import for my institution
I want 3.3 to work robustly
I want to be able to manage my disk space and not have Matterhorn fill it up mysteriously
As a new developer, I want to come up to speed on Avalon
I want to upgrade to 3.3
I want to know how to use the new 3.3 functionality
I want to have the item page work well even when extensive structural metadata is displayed
I want to configure MARC import for my institution
I want 3.3 to work robustly
I want to be on the latest version of backlight
I want to try out release 3.3 on the demo server
I want to see 3.3 on IU prod systems
I want to create and upgrade to Hydra 8
I want to understand the impact of upgrading Avalon to Fedora 4
I want to understand the options for functional test tools
I want to have a url move the scrubber to a specific time offset within a file
I know further details of the structural metadata UI design

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