Sprint 60 – September 19, 2014

The main goals of this sprint were to fix user interface issues and get our institutional production systems in place and ready for use. We completed the user interface issues that were a result of the recent upgrades to Hydra, Blacklight and Bootstrap. You may see a few differences in styling with version 3.2 because we made some decisions to stay closer to defaults than we had in previous releases. Our own institutions are ramping up production use of Avalon. Northwestern made a few quick changes to improve notifications and workflow issues for our staff. Indiana is busy spinning up three separate Avalon production instances to serve campus needs. An additional chunk of work we did this sprint was to test and improve our default transcoding profiles for people who are using Avalon with lower connection speeds.


Learn the details of each story and view our Sprint Demo recording below:


Sprint 59 – September 19, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VOV-3004 – I want to watch Avalon videos on a connection with a less than ideal bandwidth
  • VOV-2951 – [IU prod] I want to be confident that I am using a production-quality system
  • VOV-3031 – (Completed) I want to know bulk selection works as expected
  • VOV-3007 – (Completed) I want Avalon to be visually pleasing again

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