Avalon Fedora 3 to Fedora 4

We've been working on a proof of concept for Fedora 3 to Fedora 4. 


Which of course is not to say we suddenly have an upgrade path from 3 to 4, complete with PCDM thrown in to boot, but we did want to test the feasibility of the fedora-migrate gem. 

For the test we're sticking to migrating over datastreams and a Fedora 3 model.


We've built up a hydra-works app​ that lets you fire up a Hydra app on your own laptop (or a dev server) and run a test migration.  I'd draw everyone's attention to the Know Bugs part of the ReadMe.  This isn't intended to be a definitive test, just get us to a point where we have an idea of what is involved and give our metadata librarians a sample Fedora 4 repo to poke around in.


We thought this might be of interest to other folks who currently have Fedora 3 repos or otherwise have played with F3 to F4 migrations.  


Let us know what you think.