Avalon Round-Table

Avalon Roundtables provide the network of users and adopters of Avalon with a community in which they may ensure the progress and sustainability of Avalon.  Roundtables provide a place for equal footing and open conversations where participants may raise new ideas, perspectives and share concerns regarding Avalon Media System.

For more information on Avalon Roundtables, please contact us via:

There is currently a single Roundtable meeting, the Users Roundtable:


User Roundtable

The Avalon User Roundtable was established to develop a community with the ability to support the software and network of users.


This Roundtable is intended for:

  • Librarians
  • Archivists
  • Developers
  • DevOps/ SysAdmins
  • anyone working day-to-day with Avalon Media System

Our goals:

  • Provide a network of support for users such as librarians and archivists
  • Provide a peer-based network of support for DevOps and application developers
  • Share development information from Avalon Core Development at Indiana University
  • Provide a common area for users to identify needs for the future of Avalon
  • Develop a community of users, developers, etc... to ensure Avalon will continue on as a viable repository solution

Visit the Avalon Users Roundtable Wiki for more information on meetings, interest and working groups, special projects and more!