Release 4.0.1 of the Avalon Media System is now available.

Future releases are planned for winter 2015-16 and beyond.

try it out download

Release 4.0.1 adds the following capabilities:

New Metadata Fields - Notes, More Identifiers, Table of Contents

Structural Metadata - Navigation by structure, create and edit structure

Wowza Support - Wowza integration with Avalon's authorization

Hydra 8 - Latest versions of Fedora 3 backed Hydra dependencies 

Accessibility - Navigation of web page elements with screen reader and tab key; Using player controls with keyboard

Active Encode - Dependency Simplification: Create a transcoding API to support use of alternative transcoding engines

oEmbed Support - Avalon provides an oEmbed service with autodiscovery headers on item pages

Canvas LTI integration improvements - Avalon provides LTI urls for direct access to item or sections when used with a Course Management System

Offset URLS - Avalon users can now use special URLs to jump to specified points within video or audio files.


You can try out the 4.0.1 release on our demo server or download 4.0.1.

In addition, anyone can see the latest on the team's work on our project wiki or track our current work.


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The Avalon team welcomes questions and input from community members--please feel free to contact us.