Announcing Release 1.0


Release 1.0 of the Avalon Media System is now available for evaluation and pilot. The release includes the following features:


Sprint 25 - May 3, 2013 Demo Recording


This week the team refined the various methods to download or try out Avalon Media System and cleaned up the documentation. We have our demo server up and running with Avalon and enough content to make it interesting!  


Click here to watch the full recording of this week's demo. 

Sprint 22 - March 22, 2013 Demo Recording

We are rapidly approaching R1 (as Jon Dunn and Mark Notess noted in this week's brown bag talk, "Any day now!"). We have hit feature freeze and the team is now identifying and fixing bugs in the system. We are working hard on installation and configuration scripts for our partners and other institutions. The team is also compiling a collection manager's guide to help explain Avalon features, functionality, and how to navigate the system. 


Sprint 20 - February 22, 2013 Demo Recording


This week the team focused on adding the last of bit of new functionality before R1. Avalon will now be able to work with Red5 and Adobe Streaming Servers. More work was completed to make Avalon pleasing to the eye. Next we'll be turning our attention to user testing, preparing for installations at other institutions and smoothing out any bumps the team comes across along the way. Things are really cooking now! 


Opencast 2013 Unconference

Sprint 19 - February 8, 2013 Demo Recording

Sprint 18 - January 25, 2013 Demo Recording


The Avalon Media System is looking like a real system this week!  The focus of this sprint was to improve the look and feel of Avalon; to that end, lots of progress was made toward refining the overall user interface. Work on the Item Access and Group Management pages was especially fruitful.


Sprint 17 - January 11, 2013 Demo Recording


During our last Sprint, the Avalon team was very successful in continuing to add functionality to the system. Some of the highlights of the Sprint are that users have the ability to upload full length films and can now choose the playback bitrate for videos. Collection information can now be associated with an item from the web interface as well as during batch uploads.


2012 Hydra Developers Congress