Round Tables

Avalon Round-Tables provide the network of users and adopters of Avalon with a community in which they may ensure the progress and sustainability of Avalon.  Round-Tables provide a place for equal footing and open conversations where participants may raise new ideas, perspectives and share concerns regarding Avalon Media System.

There are currently two main Round-Table efforts.


for more information on Avalon Round-Tables, please contact us via:


Leaders Round-Table

Round-Table for AUL's, Directors and key decision-makers at participating libraries, archives and organizations.


User Round-Table

The Avalon User Round-Table was established to develop a community with the ability to support the software and network of users.

To this end, the Avalon User Round-Table was formed with three key goals. To create:

  • a network for support and communication between Avalon users
  • a conduit for the community and Avalon core development to communicate
  • a fulcrum for development of features not on the roadmap of Avalon core development