Sprints 55 & 56 – July 2014

July was marked by several exciting achievements. After completing extensive testing of Avalon 3.1 during Sprint 55, the team released Avalon 3.1 to the community. Northwestern University successfully implemented the new release on their production server, and Indiana updated their pilot server as well. The following sprint had the highest velocity to date. For those interested in our statistics, the team earned a total of 96 story points! 


Among the many completed stories are the following key improvements:

  • We found that by increasing users’ thread limits, item failures during batch ingest are eliminated. The puppet installation script was updated to reflect this as well as manual installation documentation for configuring Matterhorn.
  • We also designed the MODS mapping for several descriptive metadata fields, including language, original physical description, related item, and terms of use.
  • The embedded Avalon media player now includes a button that links to the original item page in Avalon.
  • We’ve also added the ability to navigate to subdirectories in the Avalon drop box, by using the browse-everything gem.
  • We upgraded Avalon to Hydra 7 and its new gems. We will continue testing the upgrades in Avalon and making style improvements to the interface.

Learn the details of each story and view our Sprint Demonstration recordings below:


Sprint 55 – July 11, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VOV-2858 - I want to know what the deal is with batches failing so regularly
  • VOV-2761 - I want to understand what's in 3.1 and how to configure it
  • VOV-2758 - I want to deploy a high-quality 3.1 release - continuing
  • VOV-2769 - NU production go live by July 3

Sprint 56 – July 25, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VOV-2881 - I want to test 3.1 on NU Prod (and IU Pilot?)
  • VOV-2758 - I want to deploy a high-quality 3.1 release
  • VOV-2858 - I want to know what the deal is with batches failing so regularly
  • VOV-2884 - I want to make sure all new fields to fill out basic info for an item have MODS mapping defined
  • VOV-2810 - When viewing embedded Avalon content, I want to link back to the item in Avalon
  • VOV-2796 - I want the Avalon dropbox to allow navigation to sub-directories to look for media files
  • VOV-2887 - I want to know how bulk actions should look and behave
  • VOV-2849 - I want my batches to complete without bogus failures
  • VOV-2690 - I want to upgrade to the latest Hydra components

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