Sprint 72 Update

During this sprint we continued our work on structural metadata support by implementing a means of uploading structure information in an XML file, whether via the interactive interface or via batch upload. We fixed a timeout problem where the interaction was confusing when the playback session timed out. And we did the metadata and design work necessary for adding new fields to hold imported notes and system IDs from MARC records. We made progress on integrating oEmbed for the player page, which will eventually allow us to support Facebook embeddability.

Issues completed during this sprint:

VOV-484 - I want to upload a multi-part item where the parts represent multiple CDs, each of which have hierarchical structure for within-file navigation.

VOV-3544 - I want to have the player work reliably and not get stuck.

VOV-3549 - I want to know what is needed for notes field(s) and other system IDs.

VOV-3551 - Ensure parameters are passed through with permalinks

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