Sprint 66 - January 23, 2015

Back from the holiday break, we began work on our next release, 3.3. We added the capability of importing descriptive metadata from an OPAC by specifying a catalog ID on the Resource Description page. We also added the capability of ingesting multiple quality levels of pre-transcoded derivatives via the batch ingest process. Previously, batch ingest could only add one quality level of pre-transcoded derivative. We also fixed two 3.2 release bugs we discovered. A patch for one is available and the second will shortly be available.

Sprint 66 - January 23, 2015 - Demo recording

Patched Bugs:

  • VOV-3344 - When you edit a collection name, the items disappear. (Patched in release 3.2.1.)
  • VOV-3347 - Bulk actions only operate on 10 items at a time. (Will be patched in release 3.2.2.)

Completed Stories:

  • VOV-1639 - When adding one item, I want to pull in bibliographic info for the new item from our OPAC
  • VOV-2949 - I want to ingest pre-transcoded derivatives with multiple quality levels via batch
  • VOV-3317 - I want automated MARC import records to look good in my system


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