Sprint 65 – January 9, 2015

We had another four-week sprint due to the holiday season. In this sprint we squashed a few last minute bugs and we spent some time upgrading our demo server and our local systems to the latest release 3.2, which was announced during the last sprint. We also started work on new and exciting features for our next release including importing bibliographic information from an external system. 


Though we did not record this past demo, you can see the stories we completed below: 

  • VOV-3169 – I want to upgrade to 3.2
  • VOV-3262 – I want to see 3.2 on pawpaw
  • VOV-3266 – [IU] I want to make sure IU's Avalon branding looks good on 3.2
  • VOV-3269 – [IU] I want the IJCCR server updated to 3.2
  • VOV-1639 – When adding one item, I want to pull in bibliographic info for the new item from our OPAC

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