Sprint 62 – October 31, 2014

At the very beginning of the sprint, IU's general Avalon instance successfully moved to production. We have started enhancing the metadata by providing a repeatable field to hold other system identifiers such as bib numbers, and we provided a way to facet and display using creation date (if available) not just publication date. We fixed a problem with ID specification for LTI access. We designed how bulk access control editing will work, and we reviewed the Hydra Works proposal. We participated in the Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum, having discussions with many institutions about Avalon.


For this sprint demo, the audio didn't work, so we aren't posting a video of the demo. However, if you'd like to see any of the functionality, please contact us. Learn the details of each story below:

  • VOV-2754 – I want to be able to add classes using friendly ID even if no one has logged in via LTI yet
  • VOV-2946 – I want a place (for both batch and interactive) to put an ID from another system (BIB, OCLC, etc)
  • VOV-3034 – I want to see the creation date
  • VOV-3098 – I want to know if the proposed Hydra Works model might work well for Avalon Story
  • VOV-3104 – I want to know how bulk editing Access Control settings should look and behave


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