Sprint 61 – October 17, 2014

This sprint was an uncharacteristic 4 weeks in length, due to the presence of much of the team at Hydra Connect 2 during the sprint. The main work completed is the ability for staff to select multiple items and then publish, unpublish or delete them, or to assign them to a different collection. In addition, we decided on and implemented new default transcoding profile for video. We cut the bitrates in half, which should help with performance on slow wireless networks while still preserving good quality for the high quality derivative. Institutions can change these if they want to use lower or higher bitrates. Other sprint work included preparing for IU's move to production, enhancing NU's production system, and finishing the visual cleanup necessitated by the move to Hydra 7.


Learn the details of each story and view our Sprint Demo recording below:


Sprint 61 - October 17, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VOV-2692 – I want to bulk-publish/unpublish items via the web interface
  • VOV-2762 – I want to bulk delete a number of items from Avalon
  • VOV-2940 – I want to move selected items from one (or many) collection(s) to another
  • VOV-2951 – [IU prod] I want to be confident that I am using a production-quality system
  • VOV-3054 – [NU [prod] I want some UI changes and analytics
  • VOV-3004 – I want to watch Avalon videos on a connection with a less than ideal bandwidth
  • VOV-3058 – I want to finalize UI for Hydra 7 update

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