Sprint 57 – February 6, 2015

With this sprint, the Avalon team completed work on one of the main new features of Release 3.3: importing descriptive metadata from an online public access library catalog (OPAC) into Avalon. This may be accomplish via batch ingest by using a bibliographic record identification number. The metadata import functionality will be configurable to meet local cataloging practices and currently includes catalog key, Online Computer Library Catalog (OCLC), and Library of Congress Control Numbers (LCCN) identifier types as options.


We are continuing to improve disk space management for system administrators and messages about the status of bulk actions on media items for collection managers. Next, we will be testing the 3.3 release candidate in preparation for the upcoming release.


Learn the details of each story and view our Sprint Demo recording below:


Sprint 67 – February 6, 2015 Demo Recording


  • VOV-1640 – When adding items via batch, I want to pull in the bibliographic info from the OPAC
  • VOV-3353 – I want to be confident for bulk updates that something is happening and know when it will finish
  • VOV-3358 – I want to apply 3.2.2
  • VOV-3318 – I want to configure MARC import for my institution
  • VOV-3309 – I want 3.3 to work robustly
  • VOV-3246 – I want to be able to manage my disk space and not have Matterhorn fill it up mysteriously

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