Sprint 53 – June 13, 2014

In Sprint 53, the Avalon team completed work on LDAP-based access control and made significant improvements to the error messages generated by the batch ingest process. We’re working to strengthen the information provided about Avalon media items in Google search results with Schema.org and Google Webmaster Tools serving as our main resources in this process. 


To learn about all of Avalon 3.1’s upcoming features in advance of the release, check out the What’s New in Avalon 3.1 wiki page. 


Sprint 53 – June 13, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VOV-1717 - I want to restrict item accessibility to members of one or more dynamic LDAP groups
  • VOV-2757 - I want helpful error emails when my batch fails due to manifest file problems
  • VOV-2755 - I want my public Avalon items to show up cheerfully in search engines such as Google
  • VOV-2758 - I want to deploy a high-quality 3.1 release
  • VOV-2761 - I want to understand what's in 3.1 and how to configure it

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