Sprint 52 – May 30, 2014

In our last sprint, the Avalon team continued its progress on a major feature of 3.1, allowing Avalon collection managers to use LDAP groups to provide access to content. With Avalon 3.1, content permissions may be assigned to user groups created within Avalon, to LTI courses, and to LDAP groups. Enabling LDAP groups requires a simple configuration. The organization of LDAP groups and use of LDAP active directories vary by institution, so we are exploring the most efficient method for Avalon to search for LDAP groups.


We’ve completed work on the option to bypass transcoding of media files attached through the Avalon dropbox. New tooltips were written to clarify the process of assigning pre-existing permalinks, setting thumbnail images, and creating section labels for media content with multiple segments. 


To ease the transition to Avalon at Indiana University from the current media service, we’re working closely with IU Libraries Media & Reserves Services and IU Libraries Moving Image Archive. We’re planning an ingest workflow for their current and future content and have translated the current service’s metadata fields to Avalon’s so that records can be transferred.


Sprint 52 – May 30, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VOV-2661 - I want to use Skip Transcoding for files attached from the dropbox.
  • VOV-1717 - I want to restrict item accessibility to members of one or more dynamic LDAP groups
  • VOV-2727 - I want contextual help about permalinks in the file management page
  • VOV-2463 - BUG: Dropbox directories with spaces break batch ingest
  • VOV-2723 - [IU Prod] I want to know what an Avalon-based VSS interactive ingest workflow will look like at IU
  • VOV-2696 - [IU Pilot] Implement LTI for Oncourse and Canvas

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