Sprint 48 - April 4, 2014


We have an Avalon release candidate! We've tested and tagged the code and completed technical documentation about how to configure permalinks integration. We had new eyes look at our manual installation process. Since our production environments are going to look different from your production environments, standalone instructions for the various components such as Fedora, MySQL, Solr, Red5, Matterhorn and others have been provided to help get Avalon users up and running without too much trouble.  


Sprint 48 - April 4, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VoV-2388 – Getting to code freeze – Chris

  • VoV-2545 – R3 Manual Install – Jim

  • VoV-2427 – Technical Documentation – Adam

  • VOV-2396 – R3 Installers – Team (Story not completed)


Now the team is working on migration and installers. The work done earlier in the sprint to create a pushbutton automated release process has really helped to speed up this process and we are happy to say our efforts have paid off; instead of taking 6 hours to build an .ova, the process is less than 40 minutes!


We should have some exciting news by the end of this next sprint so keep watching this blog, Facebook and Twitter!

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