Sprint 45, 46, & 47 - February-March 2014


The last three sprints have been a flurry of activity for the Avalon team. LTI can be configured for Blackboard, Canvas and Sakai. We have improved our playback on Android. We updated our Avalon Collections Guide. Bugs were found and squashed; features were frozen. And we still had time to win the largest poster presentation at the Code4Lib conference. (We wish that was a real prize!)  


During this sprint we have been beefing up our documentation, getting our installers ready for Release 3.0, and preparing to provide support for migrating from Avalon 2.0 to Avalon 3.0. Be on the look out for an Avalon 3.0 announcement any time now!


Sprint 45 - February 21, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VoV-2391 LTI configured for NU's Blackboard & Canvas

  • VoV-2389 Migration from R2 to R3

  • VoV-2395 Cleaning up logging

  • VoV-2428 Testing across platforms

  • VoV-2388 Getting to Code Freeze

  • VoV-2465 Embed code using permanent url 

  • VoV-2432 CAS (SSO) Embedded player pops up a "home page" window when you are already logged in 

  • VoV-2373 IE10 dragging scrubber beyond player

  • VoV-2366 Dropbox permission issues NU-Test

  • VoV-2424 Batch isn't checking for currently running batches

  • VoV-2458  Skip transcoding of mp3s

  • VoV-2431 Bad LTI credentials causes login to fail with unhelpful error or redirect to other omniauth login page

  • VoV-2461 Deleting a file causes exception but succeeds

  • VoV-2474 Permalinks not setup on mallorn 

  • VoV-2491 Two videos with the same Hdl


Sprint 46 - March 7, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VoV-2315  Collection notification emails contain relative link back to collection instead of full url

  • VoV-2541  Access control indentation got disappeared on collections page

  • VoV-2540  Put a help icon next to [x] Skip Transcoding that gives popup help about file types


Sprint 47 - March 21, 2014 Demo Recording

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