Sprint 43/44 - January 27 & February 7, 2014


We have been a little delayed in posting our last two sprint demos but the delay was worth the wait. During the last month, the Avalon team has been nailing down some pretty impressive features prior to our next release.  


Our team has managed to get Avalon working with both Sakai Oncourse and Canvas learning management systems (LMS), with Blackboard on the way. After a sprint or two needed to understand how we wanted Avalon to work within each LMS, the team created configuration files that allow institutions to set the display label for classes instead of the rather cryptic names generated by the LMS.  There was also additional clean up to restrict any files in LTI to be strictly for playback – if one is in a class watching a video, they are unable to share the resource or edit resources (if they have that permission).  


The embedded player is getting better with every sprint. More bugs were reported and vanquished after testing various browsers and devices. We also embedded audio and video files in WordPress, Tumblr, Omeka and other websites with relative ease, with both public and restricted files.   


Once we complete our work on LTI, we have reached feature freeze for release 3.0! From there, the team will start preparing for code release. 


Sprint 43 - January 27, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VoV-2269 – Skip Transcoding documentation
  • VoV 2308 – Improved video quality settings
  • VoV 2329 – Configurable class display label
  • VoV 2267 – Permanent URLs at IU 
  • VoV 2270 – Class facet for staff 
  • Review of stories 

Sprint 44 - February 7, 2014 Demo Recording

  • VoV-2390 – Skip Transcoding for Audio Files
  • VoV-2267 – Permanent URLs for all items
  • VoV-2391 – Northwestern LTI configurations
  • VoV-2328 – Public items listed in LTI course
  • VoV-2329 – Define displayed LTI Class label
  • VoV-2320 – Share option is disabled in LTI
  • VoV-2393 – Documented difference of stream video quality
  • VoV-2386 – Updated Test Scripts
  • VoV-2376 – Login redirects to self_closing if embedded player is closed before login completes
  • VoV-2377 – Embedded audio player quality controls not visible
  • VoV-2383 – Safari on iPad – staff user can edit/delete from an embedded video page


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