Sprint 42 - January 10, 2014

During the 42nd sprint of the Avalon Media Project, the team made major progress on our 3.0 features... and then some! Our player and content is now embeddable even when the content is restricted. Avalon can now support permanent URLs (although at this point we have only configured it to work for Northwestern, which uses CNRI's Handle System).  We continued work on campus and course-based access control through learning tools interoperability (LTI). Classes can now be given access to specific items and collections. Students and faculty members can now access items through their learning management system (LMS), so they only have to log in once! The team is investigating how to jump the processing queue for priority ingest, including developing a separate transcoding engine, adding additional Matterhorn servers for encoding, running multiple separate instances of Matterhorn and using alternative workflow methods. All in all, it was a very fruitful sprint! 

Up next is improving upon our LTI work and testing out many of the new features that were recently added.

If you are going to Hydra Connect in San Diego, Jon, Mark, Claire, Julie, Michael, and Chris will all be available to chat about Avalon. Say hi, ask questions, grab an Avalon sticker and get a demo of our most recent work! 

Watch the full recording of this week's demo.

  • VoV 2233 Access reserve items through an authenticated link in an LMS – Leah/Chris
  • VoV 2271 Granting a class access to an item – Leah/Chris
  • VoV 2181 Investigation of bypassing queue  - Phuong/Adam
  • VoV 2265 Embedding access controlled media – Phuong
  • VoV 2267 Assigning Permanent URLs – Michael/Adam
  • VoV 2272 Updated batch documentation – Julie H
  • Review of stories – Team led by Andrea

You can also watch the demos for past Sprints or learn more about our development process.

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