Sprint 40 - December 2, 2013


The sprint before Thanksgiving brought forth a cornucopia of new improvements to our MediaElement.js player and some new methods for tracking master and derivative files. The first part of the demo talked about migrating Northwestern's pilot system and fixing some minor bugs with our test system. From there, Michael demoed a number of bug fixes to our player – courtesy of Phuong.  The whole look and feel of the player is significantly improved. Chris and Leah talked about some of the findings of their investigation into LTIs.  We ended with a demo of how Avalon is tracking the location of master and derivative files so that the Avalon has enough information to "know" where to find a file, which opened up the discussion of how Avalon could use PREMIS to record event information for each file. 


Next sprint will focus on the dropbox: particularly, making sure users can add pre-transcoded files to the dropbox and making sure users can only see the files in the dropbox they are supposed to see. Beyond the dropbox, we are also going to begin our first story that deals with class-based authorizations – time to wireframe! 


Watch the full recording of this week's demo.


  • VoV-2076 – NU pilot system migrated to Avalon 2.0 - Michael
  • VoV-2227 – NU Test to work properly
    • VoV-2228 – Error message when editing existing file
    • VoV-2230 – Errors when uploading new files
    • VoV-2229 – Empty Dropbox
  • VoV-1623 – MediaElement.js works flawlessly – Michael channeling Phuong
    • VoV-1629 – Playback position is kept when stream quality is switched
    • VoV-2144 – Initial quality setting is now set to High
    • VoV-2188 /VoV-2187 – Duration is displayed on progress bar on iDevices
    • VoV-2195 – Quality selector options are reversed
    • VoV-1624 – Player flashing oversized poster in desktop browsers
    • VoV-1439 – Quality setting is kept when switching sections
    • VoV-2030 – Full screen button functional on iOS6
  • VoV-2157 – Timeboxed investigation of LTIs - Leah/Chris
  • VoV-1638 – Where are my derivatives stored? – Including discussion of PREMIS - Adam/Chris/Julie
  • VoV-1637 – Where did my mezzanine files go?
  • Review of stories – Team led by Andrea

You can also watch the demos for past Sprints or learn more about our development process.

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