Sprint 38 - November 1, 2013


This week was all about refinement. We started work on refining a new skin for the MediaElement.js player so that the player has nice sizable buttons that are optimized for both desktop and touch browsers. We refined and finished testing our migration tools and documentation for the various installation methods, so if you installed Avalon 1.0 you should be only six steps away from using Avalon 2.0!  We also started on one of our big priority stories for Avalon 3.0, which is to skip the transcoding step for media that has already been processed.


Getting our installation and migration methods ready for Avalon 2.0 slowed down our release cycle - we spent too many sprints on getting a relatively painless installation method ready. While the experience was fresh in our minds, the team started the sometimes painful work of creating a push–button automated release process that will result in faster, more efficient releases. 


Northwestern has been working on getting their pilot system ready for the upgrade to Avalon 2.0 and while they are at it they are benchmarking some processing times of various video types.  Hopefully that information can be used to tweak our configuration and profile setting as we get closer to production systems after the release of Avalon 3.0. Overall, it was a busy, productive sprint.


Watch the full recording of this week's demo.


  • VoV-2105 – Plan for MediaElement.js collaboration

  • VoV-2100 – Improved skin for MediaElement.js player

  • VoV-1974 – Migration for portable ova install from 1.0 to 2.0

  • VoV-2107 – Migration for puppet install from 1.0 to 2.0

  • VoV-2078 – NU pilot system cloned

  • VoV-2102 – Benchmarking processing time for NU pilot

  • VoV-2108 – Push-button automated release process

  • VoV-2143 – Uploading previously transcoded derivatives

  • VoV-2141 – Derivatives not playing on pawpaw/pilot systems

  • VoV-2142 – Collection Guide "items/objects" clean up

  • Review of stories – Team led by Andrea


    You can also watch the demos for past Sprints or learn more about our development process.

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