Sprint 35 - September 20, 2013


Who is at code release for Avalon 2.0?  We are! During our demo, the team decided that we had reached code release, which will allow the team to focus on updating methods for everyone to test out Avalon 2.0.  Bugs have been squashed, labeling has been updated and improved, and documentation is being written. A few of our bugs were fixed and pushed upstream to the Hydra Project--we are very pleased to contribute back to the community!


We are hoping to announce the release of Avalon 2.0 very soon so keep your eyes on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog to hear when and where you can check out Avalon 2.0!


Watch the full recording of this week's demo.

  • UI Improvements - Labeling (VoV 1970) - Nathan (0:00:00)
  • Role Tool Tips - (VoV 1972) - Nathan (0:00:28)
  • R2 Documentation (VoV 1878) – Nathan (0:01:21)
  • UI Improvements - My Collections page (VoV 1971) - Nathan (0:03:55)
  • Progress on getting to code freeze (VoV 1825)  – Chris/Adam/Phuong (0:07:22)
  • Progress on getting to Release (VoV 1826)  – Adam (0:21:21)
  • Review of stories – Team led by Steve (0:31:06)

You can also watch the demos for past Sprints or learn more about our development process.

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