Sprint 32 - August 9, 2013


Avalon version 2.0 has officially hit a feature freeze!

  • The software now has an "About" page that can be used to show the health of the various components. You can see what version you are running of all of the components to. 

  • Blurry, black thumbnails in your results are a thing of the past.  Thumbnails and poster images can be set before publishing each image. Batch uploading also allows for the offset to be set for the thumbnail and poster image too. 

  • This change to the batch uploading process lets a collection member set the section labels (this needed to be entered manually in Avalon 1.0).  

  • The roles that were introduced in the last two sprints have now been incorporated into batch uploads. Only collection members can batch upload now!

Next, the team will be working on testing and bug fixes before we move on to code freeze.  


If you're at Archives 2013 in New Orleans, Stefan will be presenting a poster on Thursday, August 15 and Friday, August 16. Be sure to stop by to pick up some Avalon swag. If you want to see a demo, tweet us @AvalonMediaSys!


Watch the full recording of this week's demo.

  • Monitoring Avalon (VoV 942) – Michael (0:00:00)
  • Specifying Thumbnails/Poster Images (VoV 1830) – Michael (0:07:44)
  • Unit management (VoV 1715) – Adam (0:17:30)
  •  Batch upload restricted by collection members (VoV 1769) - Adam (024:50)
  • Review of bug fixes - Team (0:37:42)
  • Review of Sprint Stories – Team led by Stu (0:51:10) 

You can also watch the demos for past Sprints or learn more about our development process.

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