Sprint 27 - May 31 Demo Recording


This week the team worked on adding new functionality to Avalon. We introduced the concept of units to Avalon Media System. The term "unit" refers to an Administrative Unit, which can be made up of many collections and items. We also added some snazzy auto complete features to select unit managers. Besides units, more investigation of the mediaelement.js player occurred during this sprint. IU and NU spent some time getting their pilot systems set up. We're just about ready to see what Avalon 1.0 can really do! 


  • MediaElement Player (VoV 1583/VoV 1642) - Phuong (0:00:00)
  • IU Pilot Status (VoV 1576) - Chris (0:13:39)
  • NU Pilot Status (VoV 1582)/Puppet Clusters (VoV 1588) - Michael (0:18:15)
  • Units (VoV 1585) - Adam (0:23:06)
  • Review of Sprint Stories – Team led by Stefan (0:40:52)

You can see the demos for past Sprints here or learn more about our development process here.

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