Sprint 22 - March 22, 2013 Demo Recording

We are rapidly approaching R1 (as Jon Dunn and Mark Notess noted in this week's brown bag talk, "Any day now!"). We have hit feature freeze and the team is now identifying and fixing bugs in the system. We are working hard on installation and configuration scripts for our partners and other institutions. The team is also compiling a collection manager's guide to help explain Avalon features, functionality, and how to navigate the system. 


In short, R1 is so close.  Keep your eye on this blog, Twitter, and Facebook for updates on when we will reach our first big release! 


Click here to watch the full recording of this week's demo. 

  • Collection Manager's Guide (VoV 1193) - (0:00:00) - Stefan/Karen/Andrea

  • Deleting Derivatives (VoV 1274) - (0:13:28) - Phuong

  • Avalon VM (VoV 955, VoV 1190, VoV 1113) - (0:17:03) - Michael/Eugene/Brian/Adm

  • Update on R1 Code Freeze (VoV 1194) - (0:25:11) - Michael

  • Review of Bugs - (0:28:24) Developers

  • Review of Sprint Stories – Team led by Steve (0:36:38)

You can see the demos for past Sprints here or learn more about our development process here.

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