Sprint 21 - March 8, 2013 Demo Recording


Another sprint closer to R1! This week the team finished adding new functionality to Avalon. Processing feedback has been greatly improved, which will be very helpful in diagnosing problems during file processing. A large number of bugs were identified and fixed across the system. Function freeze will be in effect soon with code freeze planned for the end of the sprint. The team is getting excited about sharing our work with everyone soon!


Click here to watch the full recording of the demo.

  • Media Processing Feedback (VoV 1187) - (0:00:00) - Michael

  • Optimizing Encoding Profiles (VoV 1189) -- (0:16:06) - Stefan

  • Release/Change Control plan (VOV 1201) - (0:25:47) - Michael
  • Testing Avalon, Reporting Bugs, Fixing Bugs (VoV 1203) - (0:29:40) - Andrea/Julie/Stefan
  • Review of Sprint Stories – Team led by Steve (0:37:45)

You can see the demos for past Sprints here or learn more about our development process here.


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