Sprint 19 - February 8, 2013 Demo Recording


This week the Avalon team focused on cleaning up the system in preparation for our upcoming release (R1). Catalogers will appreciate the included tooltips in the Resource Description Form. We have added a list of media formats (codecs and wrappers) that may be supported by R1. Brendan Quinn from Northwestern's Digital Collections Department has joined the team to help shine up the look and feel of Avalon, so you'll be able to see some of the improvements he made during the demo as well.


Click here to watch the full recording of the demo.

  • Media Formats Supported for R1 (VoV 965) - (0:00:00) -Stefan
  • Secured streaming for Red5 (Desktop) (VoV 904) - (0:02:48) - Michael
  • Avalon Red5 System on Mobile (VoV 967) - (0:05:21) Chris
  • NU Test System (VoV 964) - (0:08:04) - Michael
  • Shiny Improved Avalon (VoV 1039) - (00:11:31) -Brendan
  • Instructions for Descriptive Metadata (VoV 1008) - (00:13:44) - Julie H
  • Update on User Testing & Bug Documenting (VoV 1042) - (00:18:49) Team
  • Review of Sprint Stories – Team led by Andrea (0:21:02)

You can see the demos for past Sprints here or learn more about our development process here.

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