Community Development Assessment Update

In the past few months we have not only located ten media researchers at Northwestern University, but also conducted our first round of observations and interviews. With the diary study a few weeks underway as well, we wanted to share some of what we're learning so far about how academics use media in their research, and how Avalon could better serve their needs.

So far we have realized how screen grabs are important to many media researchers, as well as efficient ways to label and later search media files on their computer. Additionally, many of the academics we have worked with still rely on paper to take their notes, with none using in-player annotation tools. However, the in-player scrolling thumbnail has proved to be the most popular feature that researchers use. Across the board study participants put up with non-ideal conditions when working with media, because of the lack of extant and accurate historical content. The struggle is real, folks. As the study continues, we hope to learn more about how to better assist researchers in locating media and seamlessly using it for their research.

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