Avalon Partners Meeting, October 2-4


Next week the Avalon team will be hosting our second Avalon Media System Partners Meeting in Bloomington, Indiana. Several team members are busy finalizing the meeting schedule and dealing with logistics, while others are finishing release 2.0 of the software--and others still are working on both. It's a busy yet exciting time!


As we planned the meeting, we thought of those burning questions that we are always seeking feedback on:

  1. What are the impediments to piloting Avalon at your institution?
  2. What is your intended timeframe for beginning an Avalon pilot?
  3. What media server platforms are important to your institution? 
  4. What level of file management would you expect Avalon to provide? (with masters, derivatives, access, etc)
  5. How does your institution provide access to university group information (course rosters, campus affiliation, etc)? What capabilities would you need from Avalon regarding group-based authorization?
  6. What do you need to measure about Avalon usage (for required statistics/reporting)?
  7. What system integrations are important to you?  Library systems, Authn/Authz, Media Systems, Learning Management Systems, other campus products.  
  8. What kind of installation approach are you looking for?
  9. What features and capabilities does Avalon need before your institution sets up a production instance of Avalon?
  10. Do you have any idea regarding the level of development support are you might able to contribute?  Any timeline?

While several are specific to those in the partner role, they're questions we are curious about across the board. If you would like to give feedback, we would love to hear it!


You can view the schedule, attendee list, and other information here: https://wiki.dlib.indiana.edu/x/9wXEHg.


If you can't attend, don't forget to follow @AvalonMediaSys on Twitter. We'll be tweeting with the hashtag #AvPartners13!

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