Avalon Media System 6.2

Indiana University and Northwestern University are pleased to announce Avalon 6.2 The newest version of Avalon includes a substantial number of improvements to the playlist feature, various bug fixes, and a preview of the MediaElement4 player. 

 A few of the playlist improvements include:

  • A new visibility option, Share By Link, restricts viewing access to a playlist to users who have a unique and obfuscated URL
  • Add all selected items to a playlist
  • Add a section or all sections of an item to a playlist
  • Playlist items can be copied from one playlist to another
  • Entire playlists can be copied
  • Playlist markers can be clicked to navigate to their respective time points

For the full release notes about Avalon 6.2, please refer to the Release page on GitHub.


If you have any questions, feel free to email a member of the team, ask questions through the Avalon discussion list (subscribe at our Connect page) or the Samvera community lists, or ping us on the #avalon channel on the Samvera Slack team.