Avalon 6.5.0 Now Available




Avalon 6.5 includes IIIF manifest generation, a new editor for structural metadata, and integration with the Timeliner tool for annotation of AV materials, as well as a variety of updates for supporting libraries and components.


Check out our GitHub for the release!



Structural Metadata Editor

A visual editor for creating and modifying section structure available on an item's Edit page. The new editor features a waveform visualization and interaction much like audio editing software such as Audacity or Adobe Audition.

IIIF Timeliner

Integration with Timeliner, a reimplementation of the Variations Audio Timeliner annotation tool. Create, edit and share Timelines using media from items within Avalon.

IIIF Presentation 3.0 Manifest Generation


IIIF manifests are now generated by Avalon for all items and can be retrieved from an application endpoint.


Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Support for Rails 5.2
  • Web upload limit on file size has been increased to 2 GB
  • Title attribute is encoded properly in HTML embed code (#2930)
  • Type-ahead in username input field no longer overrides values of a very short length (#2896)
  • Updating collection information no longer removes staff users (#2994)


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for more info - jump to 13:37 in the video