Avalon 6.3 Now Available

  • The Avalon Media System team is proud to announce the release of Avalon 6.3.  
    This version is now available for download at the Avalon Media System GitHub.  
    Co-developed at Indiana University and Northwestern University, Avalon 6.3 delivers several new features requested by the community.  
    Media Player Upgrade
    Version 6.3 utilizes the latest version of MediaElement.js, stepping away from RTMP and moving to HLS.  
    • Adobe Flash Player no longer required for media playback - users may now view video in HTML5-based formats, meeting modern browser requirements
    • A loading indicator displays in the Media Player while content loads, alerting users to status
    • More intuitive navigation thanks to a refresh of look and feel for the Media Player
    • Users can now create their own "Tags" for playlists.  This feature enables users to better organize, "search for" and "sort by" playlists
    • Save preferences for sorting of the playlist index page, allowing users to return to a persistent view of the playlists each time they log in
    AWS Support
    Refactoring of the components necessary for better deployment and operation of Avalon on Amazon Web Services 
      Improved Batch Ingest Functionality
    • During batch uploads, users can now re-upload metadata via spreadsheet to sort out issues prior to publication 
    • Improved batch ingest operations allow for large numbers of items to upload with greater ease
    • System emails regarding failure of batch ingests are now more explicit regarding the source of the issue
    Bug Fixes and Minor Changes
    • Playlist items no longer intermittently skip
    • Issues with LTI login have been resolved
    Version 6.3 completes the majority of the work planned for Avalon 6.  While users can expect the Avalon development team to issue maintenance releases and minor improvements, in February 2018, development focus will shift to Avalon 7 (please stay tuned for additional announcements and how you can participate!).
    Development of Avalon is supported in part by grants from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.
    For more information on Avalon Media System, please visit our website or contact us:

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